Miller Lite Game Night with Deshaun Watson

Grab a Miller Lite and join Deshaun Watson and Friends on Twitch for a special Miller Lite Game Night this Wednesday, April 29th from 7-9pm CST.

Vital Details:

Who: Texans QB Deshaun Watson, his friend Quincy Avery and two popular Twitch streamers

What: Virtual Game night playing JackBox party games, hanging out and answering questions from the chat. Viewers will have the option of making donations to Miller Lite’s Virtual Tip Jar initiative and/or ordering Miller Lite for delivery with embedded shop now links  

Where: On Miller Lite’s Twitch page with every participant individually streaming from home. You do not need to have a Twitch account to watch. You will need to set-up a Twitch account if you’d like to interact with the chat.

When: April 29 from 7-9pm CST